Written by CAEPLA
In response to an article written by Monte Solberg for the Sun News Network, Dave Core, CAEPLA’s CEO and Director of Federally Regulated Projects, penned the following Letter to the Editor:IN THE OIL AND TRANSPORT SECTORS, LANDOWNERS NEED A LITTLE LOVE

Monte Solberg’s “Wish List for 2014” correctly identifies one of the biggest wishes Canadian farmers, ranchers, and other rural property owners have. Solberg says “millions of conservative-minded people have a connection with the land and could be allies if the government showed them some love.” Rarely do such insightful words on the subject of pipelines appear in news or opinion media. The first thing government could do to “show some love” to landowners would be to repeal the National Energy Board (NEB) power to expropriate private land for the profit of pipeline company shareholders. Landowners want in. In on the prosperity that development of Canada’s oil and gas industry and energy transport sector represents now and in the future. Landowners want to be responsible, proactive partners with resource and transport companies active in the Canadian economy. But we need responsible partners in the pipeline industry as opposed to reckless ones who will resort to government-sponsored expropriation. We need to negotiate business agreements governed by contract law, not regulations brandished by government bureaucrats. We believe the “conservative-minded people” Solberg rightly cites would agree.

Dave Core

CAEPLA CEO and Director of Federally Regulated Projects

(Solberg always strikes a chord with conservative thinkers.)

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