NDP Applauds the Protection of the Castle Special Place but Calls South Saskatchewan Regional Plan Disappointing

July 23, 2014

NDP applauds the protection of the Castle Special Place but calls South Saskatchewan Regional Plan disappointing

EDMONTON – The NDP is applauding the government for listening to the activists and opposition parties who worked tirelessly to get the Castle Special Place protected NDP MLA, David Eggen said today.

The government released the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan, outlining land use framework for 44 per cent of the province, today.

The report includes significant changes to SSRP draft that came out earlier this year, increasing the area of the Castle Special Place that will be protected.

“The castle is such a special area. It needed to be protected. The government completely overlooked it in the first place, but we’re very happy to see the PCs have finally listened to Albertans and protected it,” said Eggen.

“That being said, the NDP would still like to see the entire Castle Special Place receive the same level of protection.”

The plan also fails to protect against industrial activity in the area. The SSRP maintains the status quo and prioritizes fossil fuel production and transportation over conservation, environmental protection and the development of southern Alberta’s abundant natural resources for renewable energy.

“Earlier this year we saw the PCs unwillingness to limit drilling within Lethbridge city limits. Only the sustained public pressure from residents and the NDP, got results,” said Eggen.
“This is yet another example of the PCs inability to put Southern Alberta families first by creating meaningful, responsible limits on industrial development in and around communities.”

“This government can’t be trusted to stand up to their corporate insider friends.”