update regarding the Stop Baytex email

This is an update regarding the Stop Baytex email that was sent to you a few weeks ago. 
If you have time this holiday season, and understand the need to help your fellow Albertan in need, please take a moment to send your comments to the link below. 
Please tell them that you will not be a part of a company that has such little regard for the health, well being and lives of Albertans.
We ask this because now is the time to help those who need you to speak up against those who are running rough shod over landowners in Alberta.
May you enjoy the season with loved ones, family and friends.
Thank you, and Merry Christmas to all of you.
Colleen Boddez
Alberta Landowners Council
—– Original Message —–

From: Keith Wilson
To: Colleen Boddez
Sent: Monday, December 23, 2013 5:23 PM
Subject: Update on families forced from homes by Baytex Energy


I know and you and I have been getting inquiries from people wanting to know what is happening.

Here is the latest.  Baytex has not budged.  Tanks are still openly vented and these Alberta families will not be back on their land for Christmas.

I have applied to the Court of Queen’s Bench for an injunction but it won’t be heard until mid January.  Baytex’s lawyer is already starting stalling tactics.

Attached are two news stories about the latest developments.

Many concerned Albertans have sent an email of concern to the major banks who are also the major shareholders in Baytex.  These families would be very grateful if more people were to share their concerns with the shareholders about what Baytex is doing.  Here is the link for those wanting to email the banks/shareholders:  http://www.stopbaytex.ca/email/

Also, if people want to see how bad it is up there, go to this link to watch just released FLIR (infrared) video of the tanks that was released by the Alberta Energy Regulator.  It shows the tank hydrocarbon emissions that you can’t see with your own eyes.


Thanks for your help and wishing you and all Alberta landowners a Merry Christmas.


Keith Wilson