Alberta chambers share urban drilling concerns

By Lethbridge Herald on June 4, 2014.

Nick Kuhl
Lethbridge Herald
[email protected]
Other Alberta municipalities liked what Lethbridge brought to the table in regards to a resolution on urban drilling, as it was one of the local Chamber-sponsored measures passed during the Alberta Chamber of Commerce Provincial Conference and Policy Session in Fort McMurray last week.
All approved policy resolutions become the official policies of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce and are submitted to the Alberta Government for action.
“One of the initiatives we brought forward was our concerns about urban drilling and the ability to drill within a municipal boundary, or close to a municipality, and the concerns that our community had here,” said Bruce Galts, Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce president, who attended along with general manager Stephanie Jaffray and board member Ryan Miller.
“We asked for a moratorium on that, on urban drilling, and that that process be reviewed and some pretty important things be added to, or considered, in the process. It’s something we would like the provincial government to take a hard look at.”
It was passed unanimously.
“Everybody supported it and agreed that that process needs some re-examination,” Galts said. “Our position is we’re not sure why you would even consider it. There’s no real good reason, from a local municipality’s perspective, to have a drill in the way of the community’s ability to develop.”
The Lethbridge Chamber also had its resolution renewal on Grown-in-Canada Label: Marketing Alberta’s Livestock, which identifies products produced and grown here, supported and passed.
The local chamber’s attempt at a policy renewal for Equitable Energy Pricing for all Albertans, dealing with accountability of cost overruns with transmission lines, was not voted to pass, however.
Of the 43 resolutions debated, 40 were approved and three were defeated. The Lethbridge Chamber also co-sponsored two resolutions put forward by the Red Deer Chamber: “Promote Agribusiness Growth Opportunities by Reducing Barriers to Interprovincial and International Trade” and “The Future of Agriculture in Alberta: Regional Planning in the Alberta Land Stewardship Act.”