Alberta premier protecting the interests of the rich

Lethbridge Herald

By Letter to the Editor on April 8, 2015.

Wake up, Albertans! It is time to start fighting against the dictatorship we have. No opposition, no democracy, our opinions are not listened to, nobody protects us from the abuses the government is doing against the citizens.

We have learned about dictatorships in another countries but now we have one in our house. Premier Prentice is protecting wealthy companies’ interests by making us pay for every single service. Are we to blame for the low gas prices? We have saved some pennies by getting the gas at a low price. Now Prentice is making Albertans pay to keep rich people’s privileges, by bringing the gas prices higher. But that is not enough for him; he brings out premiums for health care, taking away more than we have saved.

The federal Conservatives are bringing down Canada’s international reputation by military intervention in other countries to fight terrorism, an idea created by the real terrorists in the Canadian government. Harper and Prentice are the real terrorists. Their political decisions are against human rights. When is this abuse to stop? Albertans have the answer.

Roberto Hernandez