Another Sad Day for Albertans…….Bill 2 gets third reading!

Yesterday, Nov. 21, 2012, Bill 2 got third reading in the legislature. 

Bill 2 (and the amendments) was debated for over 18 hours on Tuesday, Nov 20, 2012 and well into the early morning, and afternoon of Nov. 21, and although all opposition parties were not in favor of the Bill as such, their efforts to have amendments considered by the PC party went unheard.  The Bill got third and final reading on the afternoon of Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012.  See Calgary Herald Article attached or at this link:

 This is a sad day for Albertans.

Well, perhaps heard, but ignored by the PC government, the amendments brought forward by the oppositions were designed to protect Landowners.  Dispite the many efforts by the Liberals, Wildrose, and New Democrate members, amendments that were brought forward were shot down by the PC government.  The PC’s have claimed that they are listening to Albertans, and Minister Ken Hughes claims that Bill 2 protects Landowners.  However, the many experts who do not agree with Minister Hughes feel that Bill 2 will be a colosal mess for Landowners, Environmental Groups, and Industry alike.  View the opinions of U of C Professor Nigel Bankes, U of C Professor Nickie Vlavianos, U of C Professor Shaun Fluker, Environmental Law Centre Lawyer Cindy Chiasson, U of A Law Professor Russel Brown, Prominent Surface Rights Lawyers, Darryl Carter and Keith Wilson on our website under “Bill 2” or by going to this link:

Again, one can only conclude that like Landowner requests to repeal Bills 19, 24, 36 and 50, this government is not willing to listen to landowners.  Their arrogance is astounding!  They repeatedly tell us that they are listening, yet none of the serious amendments that have been sought by Landowners have been addressed.  Attached is an article from the Calgary Herald, posted on our website at this link:  It demonstrates that Minister Hughes clearly doesn’t understand the gravity of Bill 2 and it’s affect on Landowners , and our democratic rights.

This government is running a course, and it is not altering it’s direction in any way, shape or form.  And unfortunately, that course is directly running roughshot over landowner rights in Alberta, and destined to cause conflict for Landowners, Environmentalists and Industry.  How, can this possibly make the process easier for anyone?

Here is a summary of the most important amendments that were supported by the Opposition, but rejected by the PC majority.

  • An amendment that would restore the basic right of Albertans to be notified and have a hearing if they would be directly affected by an energy development project
  • An amendment that would legislate a standard timeline for applications to ensure red tape is actually reduced
  • An amendment to restore the ability of landowners to appeal to the Environmental Appeal Board when damages to land and the environment were not corrected or compensated for
  • Prohibiting the Energy Minister from being able to demand any personal information he desires (such as medical and school records)
  • An amendment that would mandate the new regulator to uphold property rights
  • An amendment that would have mandated the new regulator to have representation from individuals with expertise in energy industry, landowner rights and environmental conservation
  • An amendment to re-insert the concern for the “public interest” after the term was removed from the legislation

 There is still time to stop this Bill

Bill 2 will be implemented in June, 2013.  Althought the BIll is now passed, we will not see it come into action until early summer of 2013, so you still have time to let the Energy Minister know that you are not happy with the Bill.  We will keep you updated, and ask you to continue sending your emails, letters or phone calls ( toll free RITE Operator 310-0000) to Energy Minister Ken Hughes, and to your own MLA.  Again, the addresses can be found at this link:

There are numerous Surface Rights Organizations, Grazing Lease Organizations, Stockholder and Landowners Organizations across the province who are adamantly opposed to Bill 2.  As we have done in the past, we will continue to strengthen in our united front to have  Bill 2 repealed.  Join in, and make yourself heard.  It is important for all Albertans.

 Rutherford Show-Lawyer Keith Wilson as a Guest Speaker

On Wednesday, November 28, at 10:00 am, Lawyer Keith Wilson will be on the Dave Rutherford Show to speak about the recent passing of Bill 2.  They will be discussing how Bill 2 will affect Landowners and how we feel about this Bill.

Nov 28, 10:00 am on 630 CHED -Keith WIlson

Nov 28, 10:00 am on AM 770 – Keith Wilson

For all information regarding Bill 2, go to this link on our website,

The fight has begun!  We will keep you posted.

Alberta Landowners Council