As advocates for change, Alberta Landowners Council is faced with many challenges.


As advocates for change, Alberta Landowners Council is faced with many challenges.  We have only been able to do what we have done because of people like you, our fellow Albertans who understand this need to right what is wrong.  Together, we are working hard to change this province we live in for the better. 

You may ask yourself  “what can I do that will help?”  The truth is that your generous donations have made great differences.  We have moved forward, we have made a voice for ourselves.  This is due to the thousands of you who have come forward, supporting us in this need to stand up for ourselves, our lives, our land, and our families.  Your support has given ALC a strong voice.

Last year, we received just over $60,000 from concerned Albertans for the Heartland Appeal and have used that money for Legal costs for the Heartland Appeal.  We were extremely grateful for your generosity.   We are now needing an additional $24,000 to pay for the Power Company Court Costs that are not yet paid. 

We are asking for your generosity, once again. 

We still have work to do regarding  the Land Bills, and we want to continue this important work.  We hope that you can recognize the value of a united Advocacy, and help by donating to ALC so that we can pay these outstanding court costs, and continue to move forward, and do what is right for you, your families, your neighbors and all Albertans. 

Please support ALC with a donation.

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Thank you,     Colleen Boddez                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Alberta Landowners Council

(below, excerpt from last week’s email addressing the Heartland Appeal Court Costs)


Important Update re: Shaw-Heartland Appeal

Last year, the Alberta Landowners Council felt that it was extremely important to appeal the AUC’s decision to continue with the unneeded Bill 50 Heartland Transmission line.  We also knew that this Appeal would have a direct bearing on the outcome of the EATL and WATL transmission lines (also Bill 50 lines).

Many of you made donations to help fund the Court of Appeal challenge in the Shaw case.  Stuart and Karen Shaw agreed to put their names and faces forward to make the appeal happen.

One of the dangers for anyone who is courageous enough to put their name on appeal papers is that at the end of the process, that person can get stuck with paying “court costs” if the appeal does not succeed.

We told the Shaws that we would not expose them to this risk given that they were doing all Albertans a service by putting their names on the appeal.

To protect them, our lawyer Keith Wilson, waived some of his fees and we set up a contingency fund of $8,000 to cover the estimated court costs in case we lost the appeal.

Well, the cost claims are starting to arrive from the utility companies.  Because of the complexity of the appeal and the lengthy court processes, it appears that the total cost claim may reach $24,000.  Hence, we are making a further appeal for donations to close the gap between our $8,000 contingency fund balance and the amount the Shaws may be exposed to have to pay.

The Shaws represented all of us who wanted to stop this boondoggle, so Alberta Landowners Council is asking for your financial help so that we can protect the Shaws.

We are counting on your donations, big or small.

Thank you.

Colleen Boddez

Alberta Landowners Council

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