AUC denies LLG request for review of Castle Rock Ridge to Chapel Rock transmission line

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pincher Creek Voice

Christian Davis

A request from the Livingstone Landowners Guild (LLG) for a review of the proposed Castle Rock Ridge to Chapel Rock electricity transmission line was denied last month by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC), which is the regulatory body for the utilities, natural gas, and electricity markets in Alberta.  LLG represents concerned landowners in the Oldman River watershed north of Highway 3 and east of the Livingstone Range into the Porcupine Hills.  In their application for review LLG questioned whether there was still a need for the transmission line, which is part of the Southern Alberta Transmission Reinforcement Project.

According to the AUC’s decision “The review panel concludes that the new facts or changed circumstances alleged in the review application were not new or different circumstances but rather future contingencies expressly contemplated in deciding prior need approvals applicable to the proposed Castle Rock Ridge to Chapel Rock transmission line. The review panel also finds that there is no reasonable possibility that these alleged new facts or changed circumstances could lead the Commission to materially vary or rescind any of these three decisions approving need. No basis has been shown leaving the review panel with a substantial doubt as to the reasonableness of the various findings identified above made in these regards by the original panels in decisions 2009-126, 2010-343 and 2014-004. In particular, the review panel has no substantial doubt that the milestone identification and monitoring process implemented in Decision 2010-343 was a reasonable way for the original hearing panel to address the certainty required in the future that the proposed Castle Rock Ridge to Chapel Rock transmission line will still then be needed and to have the AESO (Alberta Electric System Operator) make this assessment when the time came for construction of the transmission facilities.”