Can Pipelines Be Bad For the Economy?

Can Pipelines Be Bad For The Economy? Yes — when they hurt farm productivity and land values
By Pipeline Observer Editors

Whenever a new pipeline project is proposed opponents are usually guilted into accepting it on economic grounds.

The pipeline, proponents say, will result in x number of new jobs, tax revenue for government, and general prosperity. So strong – especially in a soft economy, and south of the border in particular – is the jobs argument, that it usually ends the conversation before it begins. Click here to read more.

“Rubber Stamp of Approval”: ‘Public’ watchdog ignores public, pushes energy transport project through
By Pipeline Observer Editors

It doesn’t seem to make a difference. Energy transport companies – whether owned publicly (i.e., by government) or privately – are treated as so-called public utilities, which means they get monopoly protection from government.

Monopoly protection from government means more than just no competition. It means privileges, too. Such as powers of expropriation, price fixing, and, most importantly, regulatory agencies that snow the public while rubberstamping the monopoly’s projects. Click here to read the whole article.

Pipelines Are Clubroot Culprits
By Pipeline Observer Editors

‘This is why a cleaning protocol is necessary. If Enbridge cannot clean their equipment…STAY OFF MY LAND!’ — Dan Hacault

Experts tell farmers with infected fields to thoroughly clean equipment before moving to a new field — but many question whether the time-consuming chore is worth it. Click here to read more.