New Cabinet Comes at Expense of Experience and Credibility: NDP

September 15, 2014

EDMONTON – NDP Leader Brian Mason released the following statement following the naming of Jim Prentice’s cabinet:

“It’s his first day on the job, and Premier Prentice has named a cabinet destined for inner conflict, and rife with ministers who have a history of failing Albertans.

“The premier has tried to give the Tories a fresh coat of paint but it’s come at the expense of credibility and experience.

“Prentice has appointed two unelected cabinet ministers to very important Portfolios, Stephen Mandel to Health and Gordon Dirks to Education. Without a seat in the legislature these ministers have no mandate from Albertans, and no accountability for their performance.

“Some more competent MLAs were passed over because of their close association with Redford. Instead, Prentice has appointed inexperienced, weak ministers, who were just as closely tied to Redford, though not as publicly involved in PC scandals.

“Diana McQueen, a rural MLA has been named as minister of Municipal Affairs. It’s hard to see how big city concerns will be addressed by her.

“We’re at a very sensitive time in labour relations in the province of Alberta after countless, sustained attacks on the rights of their members. It is concerning that Prentice would appoint Ric McIver to this portfolio, a man whose history suggests he does not respect the public sector and hardworking Albertans.

“Stephen Khan is Minister of Service Alberta despite his poor history working in the Advanced Education portfolio and being fired from his cabinet role by Alison Redford.

“And although Prentice has committed to an accountable and transparent leadership he’s appointed McIver and Drysdale, two men at the heart of the Skypalace fiasco.”