New XL Foods managers promise increasing training and improved food safety at Brooks plant

By The Canadian Press October 25, 2012

BROOKS, Alta. – The new managers of XL Foods Inc. are taking immediate steps to ensure the troubled plant meets requirements that will allow it to continue operations.

Bill Rupp, CEO of JBS USA’s North America and Australia beef business, says the first goal is getting the plant up and running and after that, management will consider whether to move forward with purchasing the plant.

He says at this point he doesn’t see anything to prevent that from occurring.

JBS has ordered an independent audit of the plant to review the facility and food safety procedures.

Rupp also says they are also doing intensive training with current employees to make sure they are aware of JBS standards and a session was underway next door to the news conference.

The plant is scheduled to reopen Monday after being shut down a month ago following a massive beef recall and E. coli concerns.