Past Supporter Of PCs Feeling Abandoned

I have been a staunch supporter of PC and conservative parties both provincially and federally since I began voting in Canada. For the first time, I will not be voting for the PC party in Alberta. Alison Redford’s administration’s introduction of the latest education act, which died at the call of the election, threatens broad encroachment on personal liberty and conscience. It may not be the intent, but it gives the unscrupulous opportunity to invade home privacy on an unprecedented scale.

This legislation would enable my neighbour to spy for the government on what I teach my children in my home.

Worse, he could report this to the infamous Human Rights Commissions, widely recognized to have powers totally opposite to normally accepted rules of justice, and to which Alison Redford gives increased powers. I, along with many other past supporters of the PCs, feel abandoned, as the party takes this sharp turn left, forsaking the values that the majority of Albertans voted for. I’m surprised Alison has not learned the lesson of the federal PCs moving left, and leaving a vacancy on the right which eventually gave us the current Conservative party, via the Reform and Alliance parties.

Fortunately for Albertans, The Wildrose party has positioned itself to move into this provincial vacancy, and is attracting my vote. I dare not vote PC, for if Alison wins this election, her draconian legislation will become law.

Thus it is with regret that I will move to the only party in Alberta now giving freedom of thought and expression that is the hallmark of democracy.

Bryan Norford