Premier Redford tells schoolkids to beware of such opponents as Wildrose Party

CP May 2, 2013

EDMONTON — Alberta Premier Alison Redford is warning young schoolchildren to beware of the Opposition Wildrose party because, she says, it is committed to not building anything.  Redford, with dozens of children spread in a semicircle at her feet at an Edmonton school, made the comments while announcing construction of new schools for the area.  Redford told the children — and the parents and dignitaries seated behind them — that while her government is committed to building things, her opponents are not.  The Wildrose party and its leader Danielle Smith have heavily criticized Redford for planning to take on $17 billion in debt over the next four years to pay for infrastructure.  Redford told the children that those criticisms are false, that debt is actually an investment in necessities of life, and that the opposition is trying to score cheap political points.  The premier made similar comments to children in Calgary on Wednesday while announcing new schools for that region.

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