Property rights are backbone of democracy


The ongoing battle of property rights is Fabian Society ploy or conspiracy. The Fabian Society is an organization founded in England in 1884 to spread socialist principles gradually by peaceful means.  Democracy is entrenched in the ownership of property. It is the very backbone of its existence.  The 1960 Bill of Rights, a federal document, provides a legally acceptable summary of the law of property in all provinces. Some 100 sections of the Criminal Code deal with “offences against rights of property.”  MP Jim Hillyer, in a recent mailout, stated four laws — Bills 19, 24, 36 and 50 — allow Cabinet almost unlimited authority.  I would suggest the Alberta government abide by the Trespass Act in the Criminal Code, a federal statute which is a legal statute.  “Any law enacted by either federal or provincial governments that comes into direct conflict with any existing law, that new law must be set aside,” by law.  The last paragraph of the Constitution or the B.N.A. Act states “forever and always, and can only be changed by the will of the people.”  Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights, an agreement by nine men, without the authority and without debate in the provincial legislatures or our Parliament, none of them had been authorized by even an election to do what they did. We never authorized them, nor did we ratify it and it has no legal basis according to British law.  In reality, socialism, theory and philosophy only exist in the parameters and confines of our universities and don’t work in the real world.  Apparently there are three principles that can’t be taught — wisdom, intelligence and common sense. Any individual with at least one of these mindsets knows that socialism doesn’t work or won’t work as there is no incentive to produce. Socialism is not driven by politics, but is about power and control. It is driven by emotions, the three that control the human mind — greed, hate and jealousy. And, of course, “share everything I ain’t got.”  Any country that is under socialism or communism is trying to get out, yet we have an incessant battle mainly in our universities, who peddle this crap. You drink our milk and honey, enjoy the rights and freedoms of a democracy, are paid five times more than in a socialist country and you want to take away our bread and gravy. Get a job in the real world and get a life.
Dean Oseen