Redford should quit playing the ‘mommy’ card

By Letter to the Editor on March 18, 2014.

Alison Redford needs to resign immediately to be a stay-at-home mom. Albertans don’t need or want any politician who plays the “mommy” card (or “daddy” card, for that matter) as an excuse for giving themselves yet more perks on the backs of the taxpayer.

What nerve for politicians to think they are entitled to give themselves whatever they want because of the job requirements. If they find those requirements that much of a burden, they should quit and find other employment, like anyone else in the workforce who is dissatisfied with their job does.

The sad reality is that no one goes into politics with a view of “public service;” rather, they go into it with a view of “self service.” And, it’s prevalent in all levels of government, be it local, provincial or federal. What other group gives themselves raises, huge pensions and a myriad of other perks as selfish and self-serving as these individuals? At a time when most Albertans are struggling to pay exorbitant taxes and excessive utility bills, it is unconscionable for these so-called public servants to be “feathering their nests” at taxpayers’ expense. They should be ashamed of themselves.

And, thanks to Ms. Redford, I will no longer consider supporting, for any level of government, any woman who has children under 18. Apparently, it is too great an encumbrance for them. Amazing though, isn’t it, how thousands of other working women manage to juggle motherhood and jobs, with a lot less money and no perks?

Diane Hall