Released Documents show Government waffling on Protection for Castle Area: NDP

August 19, 2013
– Today, New Democrat MLA and Tourism, Parks and Recreation critic, David Eggen released documents showing the PC government’s shifting position on the Castle area. In response to the documents, Eggen called on the PC government to ensure the as-yet unreleased draft of the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan contains Wildland Provincial Park designation for the Castle Crown wilderness area.

“These secret government documents show the PC government’s waning interest in protecting the Castle Crown wilderness area,” said Eggen. “In 2005, the PCs said they would pursue the potential for a Wildland Provincial Park in the Castle, but now over eight years later, the PCs are telling us to wait even longer for a decision.

“This is another example of the secretive, stalling tactics of this PC government,” said Eggen.

Documents show that in 2005, then-Minister Gar Mar wrote that the creation of the Andy Russell Wildland Provincial Park in the Castle area would be a fitting tribute in the region. However, records show that since 2007 the PC government has had no plan to ever pursue a protective designation in the region.

“We cannot trust the PCs to deliver protection for the Castle,” said Eggen. “There is overwhelming public support, yet the PCs continue to defer to an unreleased plan.

“Until such time that the PCs release their plan for the area, the Alberta New Democrats are going to stand alongside Albertans in advocating for a Wildland Provincial Park.”