Save planet by keeping coal-fired power plants

26 Feb 2017
Lethbridge Herald


Re: “Green incentive program ready by March.”

My goodness, Shannon! How nice of you to help us save month. You plan to spend $648 million over the next five years. That’s over $171 million a year. Money you don’t got. How’s that for saving us money? All that borrowed money wasted to save the planet.

Now, Shannon, and your boss Notley, if you really want to save the planet, don’t shut down our coal-fired plants. Why not grant some of that money to real scientists and engineers to find even better ways to reduce coal-fired emissions. The technology is already proven because those plants hardly produce harmful emissions.

Not every country is blessed with oil and natural gas, so they turn to coal, which is cheap and readily available in most countrys. If not, they will import coal.

Coal is still king. With hundreds of new coal-fired plants being built right now all across the planet, that would create a lot of emissions. Alberta to the rescue, with our new-found scrubbing technology, which we can export to those countries using coal.

We may even make a few bucks, and we would be the darlings of the planet.

George Van Bostelen