Why do we need a property rights advocate?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 02:01 Letter to the Editor
Although uninvited, Ian Donovan and I attended the ribbon cutting of the office of the new property rights advocate, Lee Cutforth.
I stood beside the premier, Justice Minister Jonathan Denis, Mr. Cutforth and MLAs Ian Donovan and Greg Weadick.
The premier was courteous and remembered my name.
She said all the right things and sounded like she meant them.
Although I didn’t ask these three questions about the new advocate’s position, they’ve needed answering for a year:
1. What does this say about our province when property laws are so weak, vague or absent that we need an “advocate”?
2. How did we manage so well for so long prior to laws 2, 19, 24, 36 and 50; in other words, since our most recent two premiers?
3. At what task force meeting last year did anyone ask for a property rights advocate? (All I ever heard was, “Scrap the bills and start over, with input from the stakeholders affected.”)
And if you’re wondering why we didn’t get answers during Question Period in the Legislature, it’s because it’s called Question Period for a reason.
It’s not called Answer Period for a reason, too.
Gary Bikman
MLA Cardston/Taber/Warner